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About us

About us

Water filters in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Panevėžys, Alytus, Marijampolė, Utena, Mažeikiai, Palanga. We sell all over Lithuania and abroad. We can also provide installation services for the water filters that you have purchased! Choosing a proper water filter is usually a hard decision, but for those who choose the Bestaquafilters.com team, it will be an easy step. We are selling high-quality water filters and chemical water treatment equipment and provide the latest problem-solving technology for your home! Nowadays market in water treatment systems requires unique knowledge, skills, and experience to ensure the long and high-quality performance of water filtration equipment without any additional operating costs. Our company has been in business for two decades, so we have a wealth of experience and have solved many water quality problems. This experience will ensure that you get the best deal on the market!  

We don't work on the simple principle of selling the cheapest product that will tie people down to running costs. DThe most common equipment that requires annual servicing is Chinese water treatment equipment, which is cheap, often breaks down, has poor quality, and results in required regular maintenance. For example, if a person is warned before purchasing a water filter that it will need annual maintenance, there is a high probability that the equipment you are being offered is Chinese. Correspondingly, the American water filters that we mainly sell are of a much higher quality and therefore require no maintenance and rarely break down. Our mission is to provide the highest quality, latest technology equipment at optimum prices. The aim of this mission is to create a closer and warmer relationship with the customer. By contacting us, you will receive a professional approach, advice, the necessary water tests for the selection of the water filters, and the opportunity to choose the most suitable equipment. 

Darbo kryptys

We guarantee high quality product performance, qualified installation, startup of equipment, maintenance, spare parts supply and all other services required to meet customers needs. We strive to understand the exact needs of each individual customer and to meet them in the best way available on the market. We are proud of our companies work and we are ready to carry out even the most complex projects that others cannot. It is especially rewarding to have customers not only in Lithuania, but also abroad, who trust in our ability to solve water quality problems. We are very grateful to those who recommend us in their community, as this is the best way for our work to be appreciated. Our areas of work where our water filters can solve water quality problems include: 

  • Residential houses
  • Apartments/flats
  • Offices 
  • Industry
  • Heat supply systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Irrigation and watering systems
  • Manufacture of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Laundries

Services provided

Nugeležinimo ir minkštinimo filtras

Trusted equipment

We specialize in reliable water filters. The aim of that is to ensure the highest product quality and customer satisfaction. Our water filters use the most advanced technology to ensure that customers enjoy clean and safe water without any problems. They are not only efficient and durable, but also require no regular maintenance, as quality products do not require annual servicing. So you can be sure that when you choose our water filtration systems, you won't have to worry about maintenance or servicing. bu choosing our products, you will not only get excellent water quality but also the peace of mind of knowing that your water will always be clean and healthy. Just about every facility requires an individual water treatment system, so we understand that if you've never heard of water filters, it can be difficult to choose the right filtration system. We also offer a free offer of equipment which would meet all your expectations. Invest in your health and comfort at home with our reliable water filters!

vandens tyrimai filtrui

Water tests

Water testing is the first step that needs to be done in selecting the right water filters in your household (house, apartment, office, industry). Water is one of the most common compounds on earth and is essential for the existence of life. High water quality not only prolongs and improves human health, but also protects household devices from impurities, which harms efficiency and longevity. To find out what needs to be cleaned from your incoming water, the first step is to carry out a water test. Choosing a water filter without any water testing can lead to equipment that simply won't work or that you will overpay heavily. All you need to do is bring a sample of your water to our office for a water test. We will test your water for free! Based on the results, we will recommend the most reliable filtration system to meet your needs and ensure that your water is as clean and safe as possible for daily consumption. Water filters will help you avoid calx or iron impurities, improve the taste of your water, remove bad smells, and protect your health and household devices from damage!

Teikiamos paslaugos

Installation and maintenance

We do not only sell high-quality water filtration equipment, but we also provide professional water filter installation and after-sales service if needed. After the guarantee period, we ensure that a customer will receive all the necessary maintenance, cleaning, and support services (if required). If your existing water filter is not working or not working well enough, you want to carry out a check-up, upgrade your existing water filtering system, or install an additional one - contact us and we will help you!

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